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8 week weightloss planner & shopping list bundle - Run Wild

8 week weightloss planner & shopping list bundle - Run Wild

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Introducing the "8 Week Food Planner" & matching shopping list bundle – your secret weapon for a delicious and healthy journey toward your wellness goals! This isn't just a planner; it's your new best friend, guiding you through flavorful choices and making healthy living a breeze.

What's Included:

1. Goals & Motivation: Embark on a personalised journey to a slimmer, healthier you. Tailored to complement the Slimming World approach, but also universal to be used alongside Weight Watchers & Calorie Counting this planner is your cheerleader for the next 8 weeks.

2. Food Diary: Track your daily food intake effortlessly. The Smart Food Diary is designed to help you stay accountable, including space to track your syns, points, values or calories.

4. Favourites Value Record: Stay in the know with our nutrition-focused pages. Easily keep tabs on your intake of Free Foods, Healthy Extras, and Syns – turning your meals into a well-balanced, Slimming World-friendly masterpiece.

5. Weekly Meal Planning: Take the stress out of mealtime decisions with our weekly meal planning pages. Effortlessly organise your menu for the week, ensuring each day is a step toward your slimming goals.

6. Shopping List:  Streamline your grocery shopping with a dedicated shopping list section. Stay on budget and on track with this handy tool designed to make your Slimming World journey smoother.

7. Motivational Milestones: Celebrate your victories with pages dedicated to tracking your milestones. Whether it's inches lost or a dress size down, every achievement is a step closer to your slimmer self.

8. Weekly Reflection: Reflect on your week with insightful prompts, encouraging positive habits and keeping you focused on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Plus much much more...

Designed with Slimming World principles in mind, this food planner is not just about counting calories or syns; it's about savoring every moment of your wellness journey. Beautifully designed, printed on high-quality paper, and equipped with a durable cover, this planner is the perfect companion for those pursuing a Slimming World lifestyle. Say hello to a slimmer you – grab your Slimming World Food Planner now.

This bundle includes a matching handy shopping list pad, perfect to pop in your handbag and head to the shop.

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