Our Story

Welcome to The Busy Club, where organisation meets inspiration! We're Stef and Lyndsay, the duo behind this little venture. Back in 2020, we were both hustling away in the marketing department of an insurance company. Amidst the chaos of corporate life, we couldn't help but notice the struggles of "mum life" and all the planning it entails.

That's when the lightbulb moment hit us! We dreamed up The Busy Mum’s Club planner—a solution designed to make life a little easier for fellow moms. And guess what? It's been a hit ever since!

But we didn't stop there. With our shared love for food and our own success stories with slimming world plans, we decided to dive headfirst into meal planning too. And let's just say, we've become quite the experts!

Fast forward to today, and The Busy Club is still going strong, fuelled by our passion for helping others stay organised and inspired. We're hands-on with everything we do, from designing our products to ensuring they meet our high standards.

We're always cooking up new ideas and would love to hear from you! Your feedback keeps us going and helps us create products you'll love.

Meet The Team

At The Busy Club, we're more than just a business—we're a family. Our journey began with a shared vision to simplify the chaos of everyday life, and it's been an incredible ride ever since. From brainstorming big ideas to bringing them to life through design, we pour our hearts into every aspect of this business.

Now, let us introduce you to the dynamic duo driving The Busy Club forward: Stef and Lyndsay.

Stef: The Creative Force

Hey, I am Stef one half of The Busy Club & the face you will see most on social media. I look after the website, socials & have the big ideas…and then normally Lyndsay will bring me down to earth. This business is my passion project. I adore running it & over the past four years I am so thankful for the community we have created. At home I have a daughter called Bea & a step son called Luca. My amazing finance Chris helps out when the orders go crazy & it really is a family affair. Thank you for choosing us to plan with.

Lyndsay: The Design Wizard

Hi, I am Lyndsay you don’t see me as much online, but I am the face behind all of the designs. Everything you see on our site is designed by us & has been drawn using old school pencil and pen many of times before you see it here today. At home I have two children Lucy & Thomas & my husband Steve who once helped us hand make a Busy Mum’s Club planner (inside joke) big thank you from us for being here. Love Lynds x