Weight loss journeys and your mental health!

Weight loss journeys and your mental health!

BUSY BLOG - Weight loss journeys and your mental health

We live in a truly confusing time when it comes to weight loss, weight gain and the impact of both on our physical and mental health. Social media can often be as cruel a place as those horrific 'circle of shame' articles we all remember from glossy mags gone by, so it's no wonder that despite all the body positivity content and range of body types that we see in the media, we still find ourselves picking apart our reflections - often wishing the body looking back at us was smaller. At the Busy Club, we know this battle all too well. Whilst we know that health comes in a range of shapes and sizes, and ideally we would all eat intuitively and be happy and comfortable in our skin forever, the reality is that this simply isn't the case for a lot of us. It is perfectly okay to want to lose weight for reasons that you don't have to justify, or even disclose, to anyone. Whatever they are, you deserve to feel comfortable and happy whilst you do it, so here are some things to consider if you are about to embark on a weight-loss journey:

Know your why and keep it in mind. Doctor's orders? Favourite jeans too tight? Your reason might be serious or more trivial - it's still important to you and it's something you need to remember on your journey. Because that's exactly what this is  - a journey. It won't happen overnight, and nor should it. Keeping in mind the big picture will allow you to remember that one "bad" day, or even a "bad" week, will not matter in the grand scheme of things. Which brings us to...


A "bad week" doesn't define you. When it comes to sustained and healthy weight loss, consistency is key, but we are all allowed to break free from that once in a while. Think of it like school - the kids go to school every single day for six weeks at a time, maintaining a daily routine and soaking up knowledge. After that stint, it's then half term. They wake up when they like, play with their friends and (if they are anything like our kids) eat too much sugar. Does that week off affect their education in the long-term? No, in fact it's crucial to their growth and well-being. The six weeks of hard work prior to letting off steam is what matters, not the week off, and a weight loss journey is no different. Allow yourself the things you are craving every once in a while - it's actually good for you!

 You are not the scales. Always remember that your weight is one of the least interesting things about you. Your family won't notice (or care) if you've maintained one week, all they will care about is whether you were happy and present. None of how you look will ever define who you are. Being kind to others (and yourself) is far more important than the number on the scales.

And remember, no amount of faddy crash dieting will ever help to heal your relationship with food (the cabbage soup diet, anyone?). Like with any new routine, planning to do it safely in a way that suits both you and your lifestyle will be what enables you to develop healthy habits that actually stick around once you've reached a certain goal.

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