Meal planning just changed...welcome 'Dinner Roulette

Meal planning just changed...welcome 'Dinner Roulette

Meal Planning Made Easy



I have that many things to think about EVERY SINGLE DAY, the ‘what’s for tea?’ scenario just had to go!

It was either think of this every single day or spend over an hour racking my brain each Sunday morning with two kids running around asking for constant snacks and if it’s actually okay to play with the kinetic sand in the bedroom. It’s going to be a NO from me guys!

So let me introduce you to ‘Dinner Roulette’ – the simple but GENIUS way to meal plan!

Meal Planning -Meal Cards

What's Included?

  • 63 cards in total (85 x 55cm)
  • 9 blank cards
  • Cute colourful storage box

63 meal cards, of which 9 are blank, (don’t write takeaway on all 9 like me haha) come in a cute colourful box. The idea is that you pick seven at random each week and there you have it…meal plan done!

Meal Planning - Family meal planner

Pictured: Dinner Roulette Meal Cards and Family Meal Planner tear-off pad

Get the whole family involved

It gets better.. why not get the kids to pick them and that way they are encouraged to eat up because “you picked it guys, so you eat it!”

Hours of meal planning, texts back and forth about what everyone fancies for tea are a thing of the past.

Dinner Roulette makes it simple. A box of dinner ideas with handy lines on the back to jot down the ingredients. You can even pop them in your purse or send your partner to the shop with them for a handy shopping list.

The only question I have for you, is should it have been called ‘Tea’ Roulette?!

The debate continues.


Happy meal planning.

Meal Planning - Meal Cards

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