Beating the lunch time bore!

Beating the lunch time bore!

BUSY BLOG - Beating the lunch time bore


Does anyone else find that, when it comes to meal planning, the meal that causes them the most stress is often lunch time? We find that we are happy to be creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast (give us our favourite yogurt and granola combo any day of the week) and the evening meal is the one where we are most likely to experiment with a new recipe. But lunch time? There's only so many jacket potatoes, soups and salads we can eat. So if like us you are in desperate need of some lunch time inspo, then read on.


Double up on your evening meal

Can't wait to try that new recipe for your tea? Make double the amount and have it for lunch the following day, too. It sounds so simple but it's something we just never think to do! But think about it - how exciting is it knowing you've got leftovers from a gorgeous meal you made the night before? It has us counting down the minutes to lunch time anyway, so give it a go next time you're making dinner. Even if you only manage it once or twice a week - that's one or two less lunches to worry about!


Make a picnic

Often lunchtime can be uninspiring because after a few bites it's all over. But how exciting is a picnic? Whilst the prosecco might be frowned upon at work, you can still bring a picnic vibe to your lunch times by packing a couple of things that you feel excited to eat. Finger sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, fresh fruit and veggies, crackers, dips - these are all things that we would realistically eat at lunch time anyway, but turning it into a picnic plate just makes it feel so much more exciting and varied.  Picnic blanket optional!


Create your own convenience 

Find yourself picking up those rice or noodle pots when inspiration is low and hunger has hit? You're not alone. But instead of relying on convenience from a shop, make it yourself the night before by investing in some decent jars, packing them with the protein and carb of your choice as well as all of your favourite veggies and simply filling it with hot water the next day at work. There's hundreds of recipes online and on social media, and it can also be a really good way of using up anything leftove that is lurking at the back of your fridge. 


Make a meal deal

Sometimes we stray off the meal plan because it simply isn't exciting enough. We know we shouldn't, but we crave the meal deal. The sandwich we fancy, the crisps we love, the drink we need. So why aren't we just creating that for ourselves? Invest in a cute lunch box and take yourself a meal deal to work. Not only will it save you money, but homemade is often far less calorific than the pre-packaged option, so if, for example, you know that Friday tends to be the day that your boring lunch stays in the work fridge then make that the day that you take the sandwich you fancy and the crisps you love. Know yourself and plan for it! 


Snack and glow 

Glow up with Becca is the wonderful woman behind TikTok's viral snack and glow plates and we have recently been taking her method as a way of approaching an otherwise boring lunch time. Her method is to add something with protein, something fresh and something that is a treat. Sounds simple but it is such a game changer when it comes to staving off that afternoon hunger and helps us to keep lunch times exciting, affordable and low maintenance. 

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