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'Dear Santa I can explain' Christmas Planner

'Dear Santa I can explain' Christmas Planner

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Christmas deserves to be big.... so let's get planning!

The Busy Club presents you with the only planner you will need this Christmas.

Start using your planner from July using our budgeting and saving section for a debt-free Christmas. Track your spending, plan your Christmas menus, the big shop and SO MUCH MORE...

What's inside:

Self Care Section

  • Vision Board
  • Colouring countdown
  • Self-Care Menu

Calendar Section

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January

Budgeting Section

  • Christmas Budget
  • Saving Chart
  • Spending
  • Gift planner x 6
  • Spending Tracker
  • Small gift planner
  • Homemade gift ideas

Food & Drink Section

  • Recipe pages x6
  • Buffet Planner x3
  • Christmas Day Menu
  • Boxing Day Menu
  • New Year's Eve Menu
  • The Big Christmas Shop

Cleaning Section

  • Holiday De-clutter
  • 12 days of cleaning

Experiences Section

  • Christmas Eve Planner
  • Christmas Day Planner
  • Christmas Card List
  • Outfit planner
  • Christmas Movie Bucket List
  • Local Events
  • Magical things to do at home
  • Fun crafts to make
  • Santa's Little helper Calendar
  • Christmas day timeline
  • Boxing Day timeline
  • New year's eve timeline

New year Section

  • January sale bargains
  • This year I will
  • Yearly reflection questionnaire


  • Note pages


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