When it feels too much...

When it feels too much...

Woke up and it all feels a bit much? 😣 I hear you. Some days are like that, and that’s okay 🤍

When I wake with that feeling, I acknowledge it and rationalise it in my mind – it IS a lot, so it’s okay to feel like that sometimes! Acknowledging it and then just taking it one step at a time is a way to keep moving forward. Instead of focusing on the worries for the day, week, half term, year – just focus on the next step. The next lesson. The next hour. The next minute if you need to.

It’s easy to slip into beating ourselves up for needing to slow down, but we shouldn’t – we work super hard, and sometimes that feeling is just your body/mind’s way of telling you you need to adopt a different pace for a while. Honour that feeling and listen to the clues you are getting from yourself, because the signs will get louder and more difficult to shrug off if we ignore them!

Let’s listen to Anna, take it one step at a time and focus on just doing the next right thing 💕

She says:

"I won't look too far ahead

it's too much for me to take

But break it down to this next breath, 

this next step, this next choice - is one that I can make!

So I'll walk through this night,

Stumbling blindly toward the light,

And do the next right thing."