Had a lesson that didn’t go to plan?

Had a lesson that didn’t go to plan?

No matter how much experience we have under our belts, there are always those lessons we walk away from thinking they could have gone better. It might be that a well prepared resource didn't go down as well as expected, or behaviour got in the way of high engagement and progress. It might be that the IT went down and you had to improvise, or maybe you thought students had grasped something but they didn't, and recapping it took time out of your lesson. It might be that your energy just wasn't in it and as a result, the lesson felt flat. Whatever the reason, it can feel disappointing, stressful and can fuel that little voice that sometimes sits on our shoulder telling us we are rubbish teachers and we should never have got into the profession in the first place! 

First thing's first: FLICK THAT GUY OFF YOUR SHOULDER, he will only tell you lies and its SO easy to spiral when he starts chatting in your ear. You can go from rationally thinking to questioning your worth as a teacher real fast if you give him any air time. 

Okay, not that's sorted - let's reflect. What WAS in your control that could have gone differently and that you will try differently next time? What was NOT in your control that contributed? LET. THAT. GO. 

As effective practitioners, it's important that we reflect on our practice and trial new strategies and approaches to develop our teaching skills, but it's also equally important to not beat ourselves up for the stuff we can't control. Vent if you need to, reflect on what you'll do differently next time and then move on. Stay present and try not to dwell on it too much. Put your best foot forward and go again. We go again. It's what we do!