Welcome to Busy Mum's Club

Welcome to Busy Mum's Club

Hey fellow Mums and welcome to the club! We are Stef & Lyndsay, two busy mums who met at a legal firm where we both worked in marketing until lockdown hit and we decided that we wanted to provide other busy mums with a place to meet, chat, vent and, most importantly, get organised!

We both have children under 5 and would often spend our downtime in the office talking about all the “stuff” we can’t forget, or what we needed to do next for the kids. It was overwhelming to say the least. But despite this mutual bond over our never-ending to do lists, our business didn’t actually start with the desire to get others organised, but as a creative outlet for these frustrations. Firstly, we started to come up with little doodles and sketch ideas for personalised prints – something by mums for mums to remind them just how valued and loved they are, even when they don’t feel like it! This part of the business naturally moved quickly – with our marketing heads on and an eye for cool, unique and vibrant designs, we soon created a collection of amazing prints that you can customise to create a statement piece in your home or give to someone important in your life.

But it was whilst we were busy designing our print collection that our planner idea manifested itself. Could we create something to help us (and others!) get our shit together? Before we tell you all about our planner – let us ask: Have you ever forgotten the chocolates for the school raffle? The random, seemingly needless but suddenly oh so crucial ‘Yellow Sock Day? Charlie from next door’s birthday at the play barn on Saturday? Is the next payment for the school trip due before you have had chance to budget for groceries? Has that dentist check-up been missed again? Have you forgotten when exactly the next Calpol dosage is due?

Yes, these are all things that have happened to us too. And we thought that if we both felt like this, then surely other busy mums did as well. Because we are not perfect, and part of being a mum often means that we are the ones who must remember it all. And you know what? We feel strongly about the fact that we can’t always do it alone. Not only is it too much pressure, but we then battle the guilt of our child missing out, or the added expense because we haven’t budgeted for whatever event has popped up next.

We all have good intentions come January, we pop the wall calendar up and even colour-code it during one particularly drizzly and grey January afternoon before the kids are back at school. We buy a brand new diary, but by the time February half term has crept up on us we are often back to winging it again. Now, we know we can’t speak for everybody because during the market research of our planner we did meet some amazing mums with great systems and techniques in place, but we knew we couldn’t be the only ones who felt that none of our well-intentioned ideas to get more organised stuck.

Which is why our Busy Mum’s Club Planner has been developed using targeted market research on 60 mums – both in our social circle and beyond it – to ensure we are creating something that suits the needs of the many. We like to think of it as a Life Bible, if you will, something that can help guide us all and provide us with those amazing ‘we’ve got this’ moments. Our planner includes: vision maps, budgeting tables, saving charts, appointment trackers and much more. We even have a section to record those Calpol doses!

We want this club to be a community for mums to come together, a social platform on which we can openly talk about how many bloody things we have to do, and how often we have to keep quiet and struggle through. Being a mum is amazing, but it can be challenging, hard work and draining. We are sleep deprived, often underpaid and always overworked. But with our planner and the support of each other, we really have ‘got this’ – you are not alone.

Our number one aim when producing our Busy Mum’s Club Planner was to produce something that has everything you need in one place to keep on track with money, social dates, and forward planning.

You can’t do it all mum, but this planner can certainly help.

Sign up to our club at the bottom of the home page and keep an eye out for the pre- sale coming October 2020!

You’ve got this,

Stef & Lyndsay x