Setting Goals With Kindness

Setting Goals With Kindness

Teaching is a magical profession which has a to do list that never ends - it's literally like something out of a Harry Potter book. You tick off your jobs and new ones appear, as if by magic!

When I'm setting goals for the week, I like to do it in a few stages. I firstly like to set myself a weekly affirmation - a sort of pledge to myself for that week, for example: I AM A PATIENT LISTENER. 

I then like to think about my non-negotiables for the week - what ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY needs completing that week. Now, you may cast your eye over your t do list and think, it ALL needs doing, but try looking again and asking yourself a different question: What could be pushed to next week if absolutely necessary? This will help you to weed out those tasks that actually aren't as urgent as you may have at first thought. An example for my non negotiable list might be: COMPLETE IMPACT REPORT FOR DEADLINE ON FRIDAY.

I then like to think about the rest. I will make a to do list but I will not use it as a stick to beat myself with. I look at that list with kind eyes and think, IF I can get any of these things done then great, but if not, it's not the end of the world, I'm not a horrendous person or teacher and it will get done at some point. An example of a task from this list might be: PLAN SCHEME OF WORK FOR NEXT HALF TERM but it might also be MARK A SET OF BOOKS, what needs to wait, needs to wait - it's all about prioritising and keeping an eye on your mental health in the process by not loading yourself up beyond capacity and burning yourself out. 

The TEACHER PLANNER OF ABSOLUTE DREAMS, which is on the way, will include some useful, practical and supportive tools and resources to help with goal setting. 

Set goals, but do it with kindness, lovely teachers.