Welcome to Busy Teacher's Club

Welcome to Busy Teacher's Club

Oh hey there, and welcome to Busy Teacher’s Club!

I’m Jodi 😊. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years (I can’t believe how fast that time has gone!), I’m a Specialist Leader in Education and have been Head of English in an inner-city secondary school for over 5 years now. I know how equally tough and rewarding this job can be; I know just how hard teachers work and how much passion, time, energy and soul we invest into making a positive contribution to the lives of the children we work with. But it’s also super important that we take some time to focus on US!

Teacher well-being is more important than ever at the moment, as we find ourselves on the front line during a very uncertain time. We are often the swans of a situation, and this is no different: calm and reassuring on the surface, but frantically contending with an abundance of worries and to-do lists under those murky waters. We should look after ourselves to prevent burning out, but we do tend to give everything we have to give to the job and can sometimes have nothing left to give to ourselves! I am aware of this, and that knowledge teamed with my firsthand experience is what prompted the creation of the Busy Teacher’s Club.

In creating this club, I wanted to create a space where teachers can be reminded about the importance of their well-being and given ways to ensure this is prioritised; a place for teachers to see and gather a range of exciting resources; a place for teachers to go for timely reminders, guidance and reassurance throughout the academic year, and a place for teachers to invest in well thought out, busy teacher targeted products to support with organisation and keeping on top of the constant juggling act of a teaching career. In creating this club, I also wanted to create a community. A community that comes together to recognise the positives and adopt an optimistic outlook on teaching, training and any circumstances that we may face in our field. This is BUSY TEACHER’S CLUB.

I’m so excited to launch the PLANNER OF DREAMS which I have designed to ensure that the well-being of teachers is at the forefront of everything we do. This planner is designed not only to support with the day to day of being a teacher, but all the additional things that crop up during an academic year. The hope is that it will be the only book you will need to carry around with you whilst you are busy shaping the lives of the young people you work with!

As well as helping busy teachers manage their workload, I am also extremely passionate about ensuring that the curriculum we are teaching students is diverse and offers opportunities for all students to be exposed to a wide range of voices through the texts and concepts they are taught in lessons. With that in mind, we have teamed up with The Black Curriculum and are going to make a donation to this remarkable organisation from each and every sale we make. If you aren’t familiar with The Black Curriculum, check out their website or their Instagram @theblackcurriculum for some incredible insight and ideas.

You are amazing. That is a fact. Through your teaching practice, you are truly making a difference. I hope that the Busy Teacher’s Club can offer some light when you feel like you’re wading through the darkness, some hope when things seem tough and some guidance that may help you on your way as a developing practitioner.

I am super excited for you to be a part of this with me and simply CANNOT WAIT to share all of the amazing products, resources and guidance we have in the pipeline waiting for you.

Jodi x