For the last couple of weeks I've found myself feeling FLAT. GREY. BLEUGH. MEH. Triggered by nothing in particular, just the life we find ourselves living at the moment in another full scale country-wide lockdown. 


I got to thinking about this today, and whilst I was reflecting on HOW exactly I was feeling, I started to tease out WHY and WHAT EASY WINS I could put in place to lift me, even just a smidge. Here are my musings on this...


LOSS OF CONNECTION: Last time we were desperate for connection because NORMAL LIFE was closer so it felt strange to NOT be together in some way, our freedom had been abruptly taken from us and fear was at an all time high. NORMAL LIFE seems further away this time, and maybe on some level we feel like we should be able to get through it this time more independently because we’ve done it once already. Perhaps we are reaching out less, connecting less and it’s leading to feelings of isolation and hopelessness. 

EASY WIN: As much as you don’t feel like it, organise a virtual face to face catch up with someone this week. 


ABSOLUTE LACK OF VITAMIN D: During the first lockdown, we had the sun shining on us most days. I worked from the garden when I could, sunbathed on my breaks and spent way more time outdoors than in. The seasons have since shifted and cold, wet, snowy weather throughout dark days and nights is what we face now instead, causing more of a feeling of being trapped because the outdoors is less accessible and desirable.

EASY WIN: Get outside every day, even if it’s just out of the front door to take 5 deep breaths.


DRAIN OF ONLINE LEARNING: The quality of provision that is being provided is UNREAL, but it’s not without its  stresses. The huge increase in screen time may have left you feeling drained and unwell, unable to sleep and with a constant headache. 

EASY WIN: Disconnect whenever you can from the screens. Try reading, meditating or yoga instead of scrolling on your next break. 


LOST FAITH: Last time, we had loads more faith in there being a positive outcome quickly. Time has proven that our faith was perhaps misplaced and after tons of broken promises we may be feeling jaded and in a constant state of eye rolling every time we read the news.

EASY WIN: Have days away from the media and news commentary on what’s happening. Hearing the same sad news every day will only reduce our hope and faith further.


NO PEAKS AND TROUGHS, JUST MIDDLE GROUND: Normal life gave us variety, sometimes within a day, but DEFINITELY within the week. Our lives are no longer filled with peak highs and contrasting lows - we are living in a constant state of grey which sits below the mid way point of the enjoyment spectrum, so we may just be feeling a bit flat most of the time.

EASY WIN: Try to schedule one thing in per week that is DIFFERENT to the day in day out, to bring you some joy. Maybe it’s ordering and completing a jigsaw with your family, or completing a cross stitch. Maybe it’s getting out the the park with a football or having a zoom call coffee catch up with pals.