Can we have a minute for just how resilient we have had to be this last 8 months? In fact, can we have more than a minute for it, because it’s pretty phenomenal! 🌈

We have been in constant problem solving mode for a really long time. We have had to develop a whole range of brand new skills to allow education to continue to flourish within lockdown. We have had to support our students and our fellow teachers through an enormous amount of change. We have had to make changes to our curriculums, our assessment plans and our style of teaching. We have had to manage the fear we have faced within our profession as a result of Covid. We have done ALL of this, whilst also trying to navigate 2020 as an individual human being with emotions and well-being to be taking care of too. HOW RESILIENT ARE WE? ♥️

This is a celebration post 🥳. Take 5 minutes and reflect on everything you have COME THROUGH during 2020, and congratulate yourself for showing such incredible resilience. Nobody could have predicted the type of year we have faced in education but every single teacher across the land has stepped up. Not just because it’s our duty, but because teachers really are superheroes leading with resilience and kindness, two pretty incredible super powers. I know it might not have felt like it at times, but teachers have held up SO much and SO many, we have been the collective strength our students have needed ✨🖤

The only constant is change. We’ve heard this saying a million times but it doesn’t make change feel any less intrusive in our safe worlds that we have created!

Firstly, let’s take a minute to acknowledge just HOW MUCH change we have already adjusted to with such grace and professionalism. It hasn’t been easy but teachers everywhere have had to step firmly out of our comfort zones and put many new structures in place to deal with what is going on in our world at the moment. Whatever we hold in our faces, voices and behaviour is picked up by the students we teach and carried with them, so we have very much had to be swans this academic year, letting off an air of calm and being in control when under the surface we are finding some of the changes difficult.

Just ‘getting on with it’ can sometimes be the best advice for dealing with change but it’s also important to have a network that you can lean on when things feel too heavy. Having conversations with our colleagues and sharing our feelings can help us to be and feel resilient in these challenging times. Let’s keep talking to each other and supporting each other and drawing the positives from all challenging situations and allowing that to be what keeps driving us forward 🖤✨