Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Interviews can be extremely stressful - that hand trembling, heart pounding experience of judgement can leave even the most confident of people with high levels of anxiety! So, what can we do to combat those nerves and get prepared? Here are 5 tips I have pulled together from my experience in interviews myself, and also as someone on the panel. 


1. PREPARE! Ask someone who has already been through the interview process for the role you are going for and ask them for some mock questions. Better still, ask a member of leadership who has been on an interview panel! Prep your answers and then ask a teacher pal to do a mock interview (or 3) with you - mixing up the order of questions each time. Ask for feedback and then adapt your answers/prep accordingly. 


2. GIVE EXAMPLES! Avoid fluffy, vague responses that aren't centred in experience. It's great if you can answer the question and then support it with a brief example from your own practice. 


3. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Panellists love it when you have done a bit of research into the school. Let it come through in your genuine interest in their SPECIFIC role at their SPECIFIC school by including some specifics you've learnt about the school ethos in your responses. Show you're a good fit. 


4. TAKE YOUR TIME! It's okay and fully normal to be nervous and the people on the panel will be expecting this to an extent, so just embrace the nerves and don't allow them to force you to rush your answers. 


5. Remember that an interview is a TWO WAY PROCESS. During the course of the day/interview weigh up whether the school is the right fit for you. If you are offered the job, you don't have to accept. Stay true to what you are looking for in a job and school and remember your worth.