I'm not ready to go back...

I'm not ready to go back...

I always feel a bit anxious before going back to school after a holiday, despite having been in teaching for 10 years! I thought it could be useful to come up with 5 ways to deal with 'going back to school anxiety' after a holiday, so here they are:


1. Enjoy your Sunday! Try not to waste precious time at home worrying about what you can't control. Push it to one side and do whatever you need to do to stay present and focused on enjoying your Sunday! 


2. Take it one step at a time. Instead of thinking too far ahead, just focus on the day you're on and taking it one step at a time. 


3. Share how you are feeling with a colleague. Me and my best friend always have a chat the night before we return to work so we can get our anxieties off our chest and can reassure each other that going back will be fine! Talking to someone who understands what it's like can help you gain some perspective. 


4. Focus on the facts. You will NOT have become rubbish at the job during the time you have had off! The fact is that all the skills, resilience and confidence you built last half term still exists and it will come gushing back to you! Don't let that sneaky voice in the back of your mind tell you otherwise!


5. Stay away from anything work wise that feels overwhelming. Focus on some easy wins if you want to do some prepping, stuff that's not going to fill your mind with a million other things you need to do. And be sure to set a time limit so it doesn't eat into your Sunday too much! In an ideal world, do no work!