Getting the basics right...

Getting the basics right...

I always start a half term with the best of intentions, and often the first couple of weeks of school typically involve planned, prepped and nutritious lunches – expertly stacked sandwiches, vegetable snacks chopped and fresh and homemade superfood salads 🍇🥑🥦🥕. But I’ll tell you what, if that lasts beyond week 3, it’s a bloody miracle 😂.

It’s not long before I’m reaching for the easier options: the prepacked sandwiches from supermarkets, noodle pots and rice cakes are some old friends that usually make an appearance mid half term. And I won’t lie – a couple of days in the final week last half term, I ran my body purely on the treats that were in the office because I ‘didn’t have time’ to make anything or even nip to the shop on the way in – that extra 5 minutes in bed just felt too precious.
Also, what exercise are we treating our bodies to? The 7,000 daily steps around the school building count, of course, but what else are we doing? Our bodies will operate much more efficiently when we are loving them the way they deserve to be taken care of 💕
And finally, how much water have you consumed today? No, really. Be honest, how much? Coffee doesn’t count 🙃

We are all guilty of this but I mean, it’s a basic human necessity so we better start making it a priority! Sometimes I don’t have time in the day to fill up my bottle a second time so I’ve now got two and I fill them both up at the start of the day so I know that I am covered if time runs away with me!

Being hydrated will increase the amount of times you need someone to stand in your classroom whilst you nip to the loo, but it will reduce the amount of times you have to ask around the office for paracetamol to get rid of that headache that won’t seem to shift! I won’t nag you too much 😉 but maybe try to aim to drink more water next week than this week and see how it leaves you feeling.

Let's get the basics right, lovely people, we deserve it!