End of a Half Term

End of a Half Term

Aaaaannnndddd breathe!

It can sometimes feel like we are hanging on, and literally dragging ourselves to the finish line when it's a long half term, particularly one in the autumn/winter months. I always expect to wake up on the last day of a half term with a spring in my step, but am usually greeted instead with a real sense of heaviness. I don't think we should ever underestimate the energy and passion we inject into every day of our school life and how that can impact on our bodies and minds, and so whilst there may still be a lot on our to do lists, we need to make sure our time off is used to reset and recharge. 

Looking after ourselves during the holidays is an ESSENTIAL act of self-kindness for teachers. Let's all pledge to do something nice for ourselves every day we are off - take a walk, have a long soak in a bubble bath, read that book you've been itching to get your hands on - whatever it might be, PRIORITISE YOU! Take the time in the holidays to put work to one side and truly focus on yourself. I know we try to consider our well-being during the term, but it is SUPER IMPORTANT to give yourself DOUBLE the love and care you need to recover during the holidays. 

I know it can cause some anxiety putting the planning to one side and the prep for the next term, BUT OUR WELL-BEING MUST COME FIRST. If doing a day or two will help ease anxiety/worries for the new term ahead then do that, but set those days out clearly to avoid slipping into the habit of doing a bit of work every day. This will help you to completely switch off which is what I truly believe our bodies and minds need! prioritise your self-care, whatever that looks like for you, and fill your cup right back up to the  BRIM, baby! 

I hope you enjoy a restful break, my lovelies.