5 tips for new teachers, for RIGHT NOW!

5 tips for new teachers, for RIGHT NOW!

Just coming through with 5 tips for trainee/new teachers. You guys are SMASHING IT, right now! Training or starting your career in these very challenging times is not an easy feat - you are doing an AMAZING job! 


1. Nobody really knows what's going on at the moment, your mentors included, so don't be afraid to ask questions! Clarity is everything! Your mentor or colleagues will not find this annoying, you are not a burden, we are in this together so ask the question. 


2. If you are delivering LIVE lessons, be mindful of your pace. Short manageable chunked tasks go down well with students and maintain engagement, but it can be feeding back that can sometimes derail our lessons in terms of timings and pace. Try setting a timer for feedback like you would for a task and move on when it goes off. 


3. Adjust your planning style. Students are unlikely to get through as much content online as they would in person, so make sure this is reflected in your planning. Mapping your planning structure over a couple of lessons rather than just one might help with this. 


4. Organisation is the key to success! Have your lessons prepped; resources ready; PPT open; register ready; all the things you could anticipate needing in the session, including some water for you, have at your fingertips. Not being ready will create stress and the students will likely pick up on and mirror this energy. 


5. Take time for you. I know there is a HUGE temptation, and can sometimes feel like expectation, to work every minute of all 7 days, but this isn't necessary for you to have a successful training year/first year in teaching. Making sure you give yourself adequate time to rest and recouperate is arguably MORE important than those lesson plans. You can't pour from an empty cup, remember that. Prioritise YOU before it gets to burn out point. 


I hope you find these tips useful. You guys are KILLING IT, right now!